Special thanks to sponsors and donors

A few days remain before the start of the CQ-M International DX Contest.
The organizing committee is counting on your support and reminds that today a large number of awards have already been established thanks to our wonderful sponsors, donors and the general sponsor of the competition - Expert Electronics Company and personally Vasily Vasilyevich, RN6LHF, who established THREE main prizes - SDR receivers Colibri NANO.

Special thanks to our donors: RK3TD, RW3TN, RU0A, RV3FF, R9IR, UA6AA, RA0R, UA7A, RU3UR, R3GM, RG6G, UA9QCP, RK4FD, RT8U, UA0SE, RA3OA and also Russian DX Team and Russian Contest Club.

We remind you that you can become a donor in one of the nominations or establish your own nomination, for this contact in any convenient way with the organizing committee of the contest.