Положение 2022

HF Propagation to CQ-M 2022

Dear friends!
A calculated forecast for the propagation of radio waves for the upcoming CQ-M 2022 contest is proposed.
The calculations are based on today's data on the state of the ionosphere.
The state of the ionosphere: calm.
SFI=133, Wolf number=112. Mode: CW. Antennas with KU=3.
Characteristics of the place of reception: Residential area. Reception place: QTH (KO96IJ).
I give 2 graphs: for 100 W and 1 kW.
And although a 10m super pass is not expected, stable Es layers are observed. Everything can be.
Southerners, as always, should win on HF.

M I R U - M I R !


Good luck, success, peace to all radio amateurs of planet Earth! 

73! de R3VL, Michael